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Symphony Importers is an American family-owned business, which created, imports, markets and sells ZYR Vodka. Founder David Katz and his team do one thing right, and have done this since 2002, when US headquarters were out of his small apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Someone from ZYR has been present at every fermentation, distillation and bottling since that time, carefully protecting a recipe, a process and know-how to make sure that ZYR Vodka wins the taste tests. All three major US reviewers have given ZYR Vodka the highest rating possible, including the Wine Enthusiast's 100 point score. ZYR is distilled five times and undergoes nine filtrations from a blend of winter wheat and rye. The small, very hands on company is looking for a key partner to bring ZYR Vodka to the next level, and later to the top of the ocean of vodka brands. 

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