about us

SAMBAZON is the global market leader in Brasilian Amazon Superfoods, specializing in Açaí - a delicious and powerfully nutritious purple berry that grows on palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest.  Our mission is about giving those on a health journey with enjoyable nutrition while providing the upmost care for people & planet. SAMBAZON’s product portfolio of Organic Açaí beverages, frozen Açaí berry products and Açaí supplements are enjoyed by both world-class athletes and health-conscious consumers, and available at major retailers across North America including Whole Foods Market, Krogers, Publix, Safeways and thousands of grocery chains, specialty stores and juice bars across the country. SAMBAZON’s market-driven conservation business model in the Amazon Rainforest promotes forest stewardship, creates new jobs, improves living conditions and educational opportunities for thousands of small Brasilian family farmers through the sustainable management of the Açaí palm tree. 

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Sambazon does not have any active jobs posted at this time.