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Fact is that the original idea to create Red Bull emerged in 1984. And that all those things that go without saying for us today were developed with much attention for detail over three long-years. This period saw the birth of the product positioning “Red Bull vitalizes body and mind” and the unique slogan “Red Bull gives you wiiings!”

Fact is that, until 1987, nobody thought that a functional drink previously unknown in the western world, packaged in a can and sold at a premium price, would ever stand a chance.

Whilst sales in Austria doubled from year to year, sales volume growth got its biggest boost via international expansion. In 1994 the drink was launched in Germany, and in 1997 the international rollout got into full swing across entire Europe as well as in the overseas markets of North and South America and Australasia. The next big focus is Asia, with the Japanese market launch.

The “Red Bull Story” is a topic of study at numerous universities and of frequent discussion among academics. Various institutions regularly attempt to determine the monetary value of Red Bull. While that’s all very nice, Red Bull itself does not get involved in such speculation. What counts is what the consumer envisions about Red Bull when he holds a can in his hands.

And this, thanks to strong marketing efforts, sets Red Bull distinctly apart from all its competitors. “Often copied, never equaled” sums up the competitive situation.

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