about us

Evy means life. At Evy Tea, our goal is to rekindle your romance with tea. Founded in 2014 with an RTD line, Evy Tea is made with only the cleanest ingredients. By supporting family-owned farms, often in remote areas, we ensure our teas, herbs and spices are 100% Organic and GMO-free. We let our tea do the talking.

Our cold brew tea is gently steeped in cold water over the course of 16 hours. This patience and dedication allows the tea leaves to bloom beautifully into a smooth, naturally sweet liquid. Cold brewed tea contains 2x antioxidants, and ⅓ the caffeine, without the bitterness of the hot brewing method. EvyTea was founded with a simple goal: to make delicious and refreshing cold brew tea. We combine new technology with time-honored tradition to craft a drink like no other. We let our tea do the talking.

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EvyTea does not have any active jobs posted at this time.