about us

AQUAhydrate, Inc. was founded in 2004, and has been financed with funds of those who shared the vision of producing a highly purified, enhanced water engineered for optimal health and hydration.

It's flagship product, AQUAhydrate, is made through a proprietary, multi-step process in which water is purified to rigorous standards, raised to an alkaline pH of 9+, and then supplemented with electrolytes and minerals. AQUAhydrate has a unique combination of purity, electrolytes, minerals and alkalinity.

AQUAhydrate, Inc. has headquarters offices in Los Angeles, California, with a bottling plant in nearby Commerce.

AQUAhydrate is sold at major retailers through GNC, Kroger, Safeway, Circle K, 7-11, Walmart, Rite Aid, Sprouts, Vitamin World, Chevron, Whole Foods, Walgreens, etc. 

available jobs

Position Company Location Posted
Regional Account Manager - West
AQUAhydrate Los Angeles, California 1 Nov