about us

American Coffee Traders, Inc. was established in early 2003. The company is owned and managed by Maciek Mierzwinski - reputable international coffee trader with almost 20 years of international coffee trade experience. Here is what we have to offer:

  1. Bulletliquid coffee dispensing systems (including private label programs - if you wish). Check out our "E-Z Cofi"TM liquid coffee dispensing program.

  2. Bulletbulk shelve stable liquid coffee extracts supply,

  3. Bulletbulk instant coffee supply (spray dried powder, agglomerated, freeze dried),

  4. BulletRoast & Ground - Private label program

  5. Bulletbulk green coffee supply,

  6. BulletPowerUP - energy booster

  7. Bulletonline store

  8. BulletIt is, and always has been our objective to ensure the highest quality service. The way we do it is through 100% commitment in our performance. That is what best describes our efforts achieving customer satisfaction.

We always welcome new business despite of it's size. It is always pleasure to meet new friends of the coffee world.

available jobs

American Coffee Traders, Inc. does not have any active jobs posted at this time.