Proximo Spirits Inc.

Proximo is a privately owned, premium spirits importer based in New Jersey. Approaching 3 years in business, the company's portfolio has grown to hold five award winning premium brands including: 1800® Tequila, Three Olives Vodka®, Gran Centenario® Tequila, Ron Matusalem® Rum and Maestro Dobel® Diamond Tequila.

Proximo, translated as "next" in the Spanish language, was chosen to represent our company as the next big house of innovative spirits marketing and new product development. The company logo, a droplet divided into eight sections, signifies each brand currently held by the company and those to come in the future through acquisitions and organic development. Proximo continues to develop strong relationships with distributor partners nationwide while accelerating the growth of our high profile portfolio of super premium brands.

Proximo is based in Jersey City, NJ and has more than 80 employees across the country and growing.

We remind our consumers to please enjoy our products responsibly.