About Us

At BevForce, we connect beverage professionals with leading beverage companies. Which is another way to say we help good people find great jobs, and we guide brands of all sizes on how to effectively build their teams. We are a boutique recruiting and staffing agency that specializes in hiring strategies and organizational design for beverage companies. We're also the only beverage industry staffing solution that provides executive recruiting services, digital interview technology and an online job board.

Our goal at BevForce is to make the hiring and job search process a simple and efficient experience. Like many, we believe there is such a thing as the perfect fit, and finding it is our specialty. What makes us different is our belief that finding that fit is about more than matching a skill set with job requirements; it’s about connecting the right personality with the right team and company culture. We help folks in every beverage sector, including wine, spirits, beer, sake, coffee, tea, water, dairy, juices, and mixers, not to mention nutrition and sports drinks, organic drinks, and soft drinks. We also have an unrivaled knack for finding and placing coveted beverage industry talent in areas like sales, marketing, finance, operations, supply chain, human resources, and tech. And the best part? We serve up all your hiring and job search needs with a tall glass of genuine hospitality! It’s why we think of ourselves as a positive Force in the beverage industry.

Meet Our Team

We are a passionate food and drink loving crew who strive to make the hiring and job search process a simple and efficient experience for our clients and candidates.

Josh Wand
Founder and Motivator in Chief
Josh founded Force Brands (FoodForce/BevForce) in an effort to transform the way food and beverage industry professionals seek employment opportunities and employers identify talent. Force Brands is a boutique recruiting and staffing agency that specializes in hiring strategies and organizational design for food and beverage companies. We help good people find great jobs, and guide brands of all sizes on how to effectively build their teams.

The Career Matchmakers
Ed Shioyazono
Chief Operations Officer
Rachel Doueck
Growth Captain and Motivating Mentor
Tina Maraz-Paresi
Lead Executive Recruiter- Operations & Supply Chain
Alexandra Clarke
Lead Executive Recruiter- Sales and Marketing
Anna Johnson
Lead Executive Recruiter- Sales and Marketing
Jessica Viana
Lead Executive Recruiter- Finance and Executive Management
Olivia Natawidjaja
Executive Recruiter
Megan Wilcox Aguirre
Executive Recruiter
Lindsay Cachion
Executive Recruiter
Charlie Vella
Executive Recruiter
Melissa Golden
Executive Recruiter
Parisa Ramos Blair
Executive Recruiter
Lyndsay Rosen
Executive Recruiter, LA
Jane Lee
Executive Recruiter
Ryan Marcus
Executive Recruiter
Christine Darwin
Executive Recruiter
Adina Rothfeld
Executive Recruiter
Lisa Marie Ohlendorf
Executive Recruiter
Lauren Marangiello
Executive Recruiter
Jennifer Fisher
Executive Recruiter
Connor MacWilliams
Executive Recruiter
Samantha McManus
Executive Recruiter
Andrew Licari
Executive Recruiter
Brooke Westley
Executive Recruiter
Jennifer Crowley
Executive Recruiter
Olivia Rodriguez
Executive Recruiter
Eden McFadden
Executive Recruiter, LA
Priyeta Panigrahi
Executive Recruiter

The Go-Getters and Problem-Solvers
Business Development / Customer Care
Sean Conner
Chief Progress Officer
Benjamin Weisberg
Director of Client Strategy
Brett Medina
Senior Client Strategist
William (Billy) Bohling
Lead Enterprise Client Strategist
Daniel Sivertsen
Client Strategist, So Cal
Eva Scofield
Client Strategist
Diana Mercer
Client Strategist, CO
Alaina Bavelas
Client Strategist
Dustin Cherry
Client Strategist
Maggie Gilbert
Enterprise Client Strategist, MidWest
Nicole Powell
Enterprise Client Strategist, NW
Gary Schneidkraut
Enterprise Client Strategist
Michael Keller
Enterprise Client Strategist
Richard Castillo
Enterprise Client Strategist, SW
Drew Torres
Enterprise Client Strategist, SE
Brenna Hoffman
Client Strategist, NW
Dave Ziegelbaum
Lead Digital Sales Specialist
Matthew LoRusso
Digital Sales Strategist
Simone Schroeder
Digital Sales Strategist
Derek Sable
Digital Sales Strategist
Jeffrey Mejia
Digital Business Development Coordinator
Lizabeth Rechberger
Sales Operations Coordinator
Jenn Kutchinski
PINATA Business Growth Manager

The Gurus
Marketing / Product / Tech
Julie Fabricant
Director of Digital Marketing Strategy
Jennifer Ornovitz
Director of Brand Marketing & Communiations
Kevin Kwan
Senior Technology Manager
Rebecca Fenton
Editorial Manager
Katie Lynch
Events & Partnerships Manager
Amber Jones
Associate Digital Marketing Manager
Chris Williams
IT Administrator
Anne Waddill
SalesForce Administrator
Fred Kunda
PINATA Product Development Manager

The Unsung Heroes
Operations / Finance / HR
Karl Schroeder
Chief Financial Officer
Kalina Napierala
HR Manager, PHR
Bryan Kernan
Assistant Controller, CPA
Jill Morrow
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Monica Iglesias
Collections/Payroll Specialist

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